producing all kinds of pieces carved wooden in Iran


carved wood industries victim producer and exporter carved wooden parts for the first time in Iran by CNN C.
cnc device with carved wood

the inlaid services with cnc on wood

has several advantages .

1. quickly as it is much higher than speed manual work .

2. milling possible plans and subtle wood milled accelerate the process .

3. did not rule out the possibility of mass production carved parts to ease .

4. and fit all parts made

wood industries victim

1- carved wood industries producing all kinds of victims and Sartaj column

2- producer pieces carved wooden used in domestic interiors

3- service provider , carved wood

4- providing services to design and construction of all the pieces carved wooden using the latest devices of cnc

industrial group victims of carved with the desired backing in the fields of software and hardware ,

devices such as benefiting from CNN advanced C and also using the software design and machined to

day, ready to provide services in the field of diverse carved to its clients , including the services:

– pieces carved , used in the furniture industry , such as : the basic furniture, Taj furniture

– pieces carved , used in the ornaments and domestic interiors carved wooden building , such as in ,

the inscription carved wooden , wood , wooden column , all kinds of wooden frames

– pieces carved required for the production of sleep, service , buffet table , a clock , windows ,

– design and construction of carved parts , in a bed or a rotating

– is types of design and carved wooden

– service design carved wooden dreams

– wooden inscription types of design , wooden column , wooden fence

– carved wooden frame types of design , such as : the frame , panel , carpet frame